Novasell is a online portal that sell premium products in the category of cosmetics products, women’s ethnic wear, contemparory wear ,home and kitchen ware imitation jewellery and many other such categories .

The most incredible part about NOVASELL is the it responds to the latest trends in designs colors and other features immediately. New products are updated frequently. Although we tried to scale it up through local exhibitions, trade shows & promotions – we quickly realized the limitations to the number of people we could reach with just a local presence.

Novasell ! It Means a Great Deal

The Community

The concept of selling online originated as a casual idea and we were all inspired to try out the same. Our inspiration to sell and service to a wider range of people helped us set together a small e-commerce store – with wide range of products. Our friends, relatives and our customers supported right through and we were able to build phenomenal momentum in a short span of time. NOVASELL offers absolute genuine products with genuine pricing and discounts . Loyalty is something hard to come-by in an era of bulk discounting and reject sales but our foundation principle “World class quality standards” has kept us in the hunt as the most preferred and trusted. Our products and services reach the end customer through a connected network of partners, services and agencies. From our perspective these support services are not third parties, they are one of our own that’s how we keep alive our core value of “Complete ownership till product reaches customer”

Feel proud to buy products from Stop worries to buy We provide the 100% customer satisfaction if there is an issue after the product like late delivery, quality of the product, etc. You will communicate with us via WhatsApp, email, Facebook etc. Our executives are always available on it and give you an instant solution to your queries.